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John Lott

English Double Bass

This is my main instrument which I use for everything from orchestral playing

to Jazz and solos.

I'm currently using

PIRASTRO Permanent strings. This bass was previously owned by Keith Marjoram and then by Corin Long. I have been unable to trace it back any further.

Paul Claudot

French Double Bass

This beautiful French, swell back bass was made by Paul Claudot. I have this bass mainly set up for Jazz but it sounds great in orchestra too. It was previously owned by my Great Aunt Elsie Ford who played in the BBC Symphony Orchestra at the time of Eugene Cruft. I currently use PIRASTRO Permenant strings on this instrument

Pirastro Strings

As a member of the double bass section of the London Philharmonic Orchestra we are proud to exclusively play PIRASTRO strings. 

I mainly use a full set of Permanent strings. I find they can keep the deep resonance and low frequencies of the instrument as well as bringing out the higher registers clearly for solo playing in Jazz and Classical music. I'm also a big fan of Pirastro's Evah Pirazzi strings.

Fender Jazz V Bass

My go-to bass is a 2010 Fender American Deluxe J-Bass. I like it so much that I have two of them! Customised both basses with Seymour Duncan Apollo pickups. I use Elixir Stainless steel strings on both.

Anaconda Ultra J6 Essence

A custom built beauty by Andrew at Anaconda basses in North London. The tone on this instrument is incredible and the neck is surprisingly easy to navigate for such a large bass. 

Fender Precision

Fender Precision "Midnight" has to be one of the best looking instruments in my collection. Customised with Fender pure vintage 63 pickups and Labella flatwound strings.

Fender Precision V

2019 Fender Precision V string. Sometimes I just need those extra low notes. I've currently got this set up with Elixir Roundwound Nickel Strings and it sounds filthy!

Clifton Electric Upright Bass

This Clifton electric upright bass is mainly used as a "silent'' practice instrument but I do get asked to use this from time to time. Most recently I was featured alongside the amazing electric string quartet Bond on the soundtrack to the 2023 film Sharper

Neumann U47

The Neumann U47  is one of the most famous microphones of all time. When I record anything at my studio this is my go-to mic. It captures all the subtlies of my lovely instruments.  

Bryant Bow

This is my main bow I use for orchestral playing. It was previously owned by my

great Aunt. It was made for her when she was working for the BBC Symphony Orchestra.

Reid Hudson Bow

This bow was previously owned by Mary Scully. I tend to use this bow for solo playing rather than loud orchestral music.

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